Rector's letters

The latest monthly letters are available for download below. These letters are in PDF format, click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat viewer if you cannot read them.

Date Letter View
April 2022 Why stand so far off Lord Click here
December 2020 Christmas and Advent Services Click here
June 2020 Opening the Benefice Churches  Click here
June 2020 Carefully unzipping the tent  Click here
May 2020 From inside my tent  Click here
April 2020 Easter  Click here
February 2020 A church is not just for Christmas  Click here
December 2019 Christmas Letter Click here
November 2019 Grace in disagreement and chatting over the font Click here
September 2019 Beginnings Click here
August 2019 Benefice Pew Sheet for August Click here
July 2019 New things to tell you -  Click here
June 2019 Morning Prayer in the Burnham Churches  Click here
May 2019 Bubbles and Breakfast

Click here

April 2019 Steve's Easter Letter click here
May 2018 A letter from the Erstwhile Rector click here
April 2018 April Fools click here
March 2018 Lent click here
February 2018 The interregnum click here
January 2018 Valedictory click here
December 2017 Things to do in December click here
November 2017 Humility in victory  click here
October 2017 My brain hurts click here
September 2017 waste not, want not click here
August 2017 vietato lamentarsi - as they say in the Vatican click here
July 2017 A matter of perspective click here
June 2017 Jesus, and June, is bursting out all over click here
May 2017 Signed and sealed - in blood click here
April 2017 The Passion of Perón click here
March 2017 I have a cunning plan... click here
February 2017 Forgotten about the dark days of 1970s Uganda? click here
January 2017 Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub click here
December 2016 Santa Claus.  Really! click here
November 2016 Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones... click here
October 2016 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God - even if they start off as our children click here
September 2016 If you go down to the woods today, you're sure for a great surprise! click here
June 2016 In, out, in, out?  Vous shake das tutti about... click here
May 2016 The Gospel truth click here
April 2016 What's in a name? click here
March 2016 They think it's all over!   click here
February 2016 It's not so much what you say but the way you say it click here
January 2016 The secret of life - this one and the next... click here
December 2015 To bah or not to bah (humbug), that is the Christian click here
November 2015 The truth about death click here
October 2015 Cryptic clue with a plain answer click here
September 2015 Battle of Britain 75 years on - continuing to make a difference  click here
August 2015 VJ Day click here
July 2015 Can a 20-year-old be trusted to do anything? click here
June 2015 Freedom unmasked click here
May 2015 A general election: for the general good - I hope click here
April 2015 The ring of truth click here
March 2015 Big brother is watching - but why bother, brother? click here
February 2015 Here's lookin' at you, kid - click here, too!
January 2015 New year, old debt click here
December 2014 How strange - it's Christmas again click here
November 2014 The other Horatio click here
October 2014 Royal Marines, to your duties, quiiiickmarch!  Fall in behind, you Christians. click here
September 2014 The Holy September of Sassenachs and Anglians click here
August 2014 WW1 centenary: "A time to keep silence, and a time to speak..." click here
July 2014 Problem: how to know the unfathomable God in a three-dimenionsal world click here
June 2014 Franz Kafka must have been C of E click here
May 2014 On the highway to... click here
April 2014 A good deal.  Commandments: I'm not even asking ten - to you, just two! click here
March 2014 What was it Popeye used to say..? click here
February 2014 The stars in the bright sky - and ET, too? - look down on where we all lay click here
January 2014 Focussed on our crystal ball click here
December 2013 Singing from the same hymn sheet click here
November 2013 Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose... click here
October 2013 Our days are numbered - so make them count click here
September 2013 The rector wants your money - not for himself, of course! click here
August 2013 Revolution, prayer and smelling the coffee click here
July 2013 Italianate, passionate click here
June 2013 Surfboards and Sophia (Loren) click here
May 2013 Ascension: somewhere over the rainbow? click here
April 2013 Mamma Mia! click here
March 2013 Die Hard - and Good click here
February 2013 Divine duty click here
January 2013 Temptation, tears and tissues click here
December 2012 Christmas in June click here
November 2012 Remember.  Be fed.   click here
October 2012 All you need is love, love, love.  (Whatever that is.) click here
September 2012 I wouldn't be seen dead in church.          Hmmm. click here
August 2012 Jump in a puddle, bathe in the sun; climb up a tree - do have some fun! click here
July 2012 The weather for July is... click here
June 2012 An Elizabethan story click here
May 2012 Fix bayonets! click here
April 2012 Taste and see that the pork chop is good (apologies to psalm 34) click here
March 2012 Ethics - not a county north of the Thames estuary click here
February 2012 Just for the time being click here
January 2012 2012 - a year of prosperity click here
December 2011 Relatives hanging around - in the closet?! click here
November 2011 click here
October 2011 Make a signal, Number One: "Remember Nelson!" click here
September 2011 We reap what we sow - one day... click here
August 2011 Captain America - just a kid from Brooklyn click here
July 2011 Crumbling legacies click here
June 2011 The Church is about to get it - again click here
May 2011 St George for England? click here
April 2011 Have a Great Day click here
March 2011 Let's take back control click here
February 2011 Have you got time? click here
January 2011 Working for the future click here
December 2010 An official birthday click here
November 2010 To forget or not to forget? click here
October 2010 Wir pflugen click here
September 2010 A human error click here
August 2010 Who am I? click here
July 2010 Cock-a-doodle-do; or do not! click here
June 2010 A time to jump, a time to stay cool click here
May 2010 May days and Feast days click here
April 2010 Easter - hallelujah! click here
March 2010 Putting yourself out to put in click here
February 2010 Doing what we can where we are (in the snow!) click here
January 2010 The party is over; back to work click here