Our Sunday services take place in a different church each week (click here to find our churches), in this sequence:

1st Sunday at Thorpe, 2nd Sunday at Overy, 3rd Sunday at Burnham Market (St Mary's), 4th Sunday at Burnham Market (St Margaret's).

If there is a 5th Sunday, at All Saints', Burnham Sutton cum Ulph, which is where the 09.30 Wednesday Holy Communion is, too.

You can check the details of services via the link below.


Sundays Before Advent - then Advent, which is Sundays Before Christmas!

In military circles there used to be a bit of a joke order, "Stand by to stand by!"  In terms of preparation it does, of course, have the danger of bringing about a running out of steam and energy before you actually get to the moment you've stood by for.  So let's use this current period to reflect on how far we've come over that long season since Easter/Ascension.  What have we achieved, or not?  What have we regretted?  Who are we now that we were not, say, a year ago?  

Many of my colleagues will, reasonably, be talking of Advent (viz, not Sundays Before Advent) being the season of preparation for Christmas - both self-preparation in a spiritual sense, and the practical preparations.  My experience is that the latter preparation completely squeezes out the spiritual; just as well, then, that there is this extra room - High Street merchandising to one side! - where we can reflect.

Plenty of opportunity to do that at church, too: commemorations of All Saints, All Souls, Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day; all culminating in the Sunday Before Advent, which is given over to recognising who has kingship entirely over this life and the next - Jesus The Christ.  It's all worth pondering...



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