Our Sunday services take place in a different church each week (click here to find our churches), in this sequence:

1st Sunday at Thorpe, 2nd Sunday at Overy, 3rd Sunday at Burnham Market (St Mary's), 4th Sunday at Burnham Market (St Margaret's).

If there is a 5th Sunday, at All Saints', Burnham Sutton cum Ulph, which is where the 09.30 Wednesday Holy Communion is, too.

You can check the details of services via the link below.


Trinity Season

Most people have heard about the Holy Trinity in the phrase "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit," but who really understands it?  

Trinity is the longest season in the Church year; we talk about "Sundays After Trinity" but the Trinity concept itself is so difficult: not three Gods but one God, not simply a single "person" God but a God who is a community within God's self.

Of course, it's going to take more than this life to get it - let alone from now until Advent!


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