Church Locations

So, where are our churches, then?

Click here for a map...'ll find a separate page pops up so that you can refer to it as you look at other information.  We hope that's useful.     :)




Alternatively, here are their official addresses: 

All Saints', Burnham Thorpe:
Back Lane
Burnham Thorpe
PE31 8HL

All Saints', Burnham Sutton cum Ulph:
Ulph Place
Burnham Market
PE31 8HQ 

St Clement's, Burnham Overy:
Overy Road (B1155)
Burnham Overy Town
PE31 8HX

St Margaret's, Burnham Market (erstwhile Burnham Norton):
Bellamy's Lane
Burnham Norton
PE31 8BF

St Mary's, Burnham Market (erstwhile Burnham Westgate):
Church Walk
Burnham Market
PE31 8UL